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Top 5 Front Door Security Camera

A front door security camera is a very big necessity in today’s world because of the alarming way crimes are being committed every day. Front door security cameras are the first line of defense that you have when it comes to protecting your home, and most importantly, your family and loved ones, which is why they are a very integral part of any home security and surveillance system. The best thing is that you can just sit inside your home and see what is happening outside. Before opening the door, you can see who is outside and also speak to them.

1. Swann Front Door Security Camera

Swann is an Australia based company which has been in the security business since 1987. Their products are dependable and are quite readily available across all retailers like Walmart and Home Depot. Their motto is “Advanced Security Made Easy,” and the features of Swann’s front door security camera are:

  • Comes with CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors that deliver images of high quality in a wide range of lighting conditions
  • Infrared technology is available and that also up to 65 feet in darkness
  • Easy to install
  • Can Resist extreme temperatures ranging between 4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Defender Front Door Security Camera

Defender is a company that prides itself on manufacturing products which are hassle-free, affordable, do-it-yourself, and all their products come with lifetime live customer support. Their products are available from a wide number of retailers

  • Has Color capability
  • Its Energy-saving technology CDS (cadmium sulfide) sensor can note changes in light levels to save energy. For example, night vision will start when it is dark and not at other times.
  • Very minute cameras are available for placement that will be undetected by visitors
  • Requires only one wire for connecting; connects to multiple viewing devices

3. Lorex Front Door Surveillance Camera

Lorex is a well known global company that specializes in video surveillance that encompasses more or less everything related to security. Their by-word is “Loss Prevention” as that is the way one needs to think nowadays if they want to protect themselves and their property. The brand is easily available at retailers and Lorex offers more than 150 models.

  • Comes equipped with Zoom capabilities
  • Has Anti-glare features in order to get clear images even with the brightest light
  • Captures High-resolution Video
  • Has inbuilt Day/night mode which will switch over to black and white video in low light conditions automatically

4. Zmodo Front Door Security Camera

Zmodo is a company that specializes in security products like cameras, surveillance systems DVRs and NVRs, intelligent management systems and integrated video platforms. As it is an integrator in R&D, sales, manufacturing and service, Zmodo also provides security solutions in various sectors such as finance, transportation, public security, education, justice, utility, public health and other sectors as well.

  • Comes equipped with multi-channel systems
  • One can get Remote Access through a  Smartphone or a PC
  • Features Advanced Motion Detection Recording
  • Their front door cameras are durable as well as weather resistant

5. Funlux Front Door Security Camera

This is a company that is committed to offering one the best that is available in the world of security and surveillance cameras with a wide variety of business network cameras, home security cameras and home systems on offer. Their products:

  • Come equipped with an I R-CUT filter with auto switch so as to make an effortless switch between day and night light
  • Can operate effectively in temperatures ranging from −10 °C to 50 °C
  • Allow remote viewing through PCs or Smartphones
  • Feature Infrared technology with visibility of up to 65 feet.
  • Can deliver HD quality images

Comparison between these 5 products







Comes equipped with infrared technology that enables vision at night time to up to 65 feet

Works between temperature range of 4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit

Has remote viewing option through Smartphone and PC

CCD (charge-coupled device) sensors ensures high quality image in any light


Has night vision which starts automatically when the light is dim

Works fine in low temperature

Has remote viewing option through Smartphone and PC

Good image quality is assured


Features built in day/night vision - during low light, black and white images are captured automatically

Works without problems in low temperatures

Has remote viewing option through Smartphones and PCs

Anti-glare features leads to high quality images even in extremely bright light



Can resist low temperature as camera is weather proof

Has remote viewing option through Smartphone and PC

Image quality is good


Night vision is available with vision up to 65 feet

Works in temperature range of −10 °C to 50 °C

Has remote viewing option through Smartphone and PC

High quality HD images are captured through this camera

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