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About the Brand

Funlux is a newly established individual company, offering high quality products at affordable, Funlux is committed to be a leading brand and platform in the internet of things.

Our products will range from home security cameras and business network surveillance system, to smart home systems.This will include a comprehensive controlling platform for all the smart devices used in your home and business.

About US

Living in a world of smart technology is no longer a dream. The devices appearing only in science fiction20 years ago have now become a reality. In the near future, all household appliances will be smart and remotely controllable. Solutions to make life more convenient and tolive in a truly smart environment has now become paramount.

Wearable devices,smart smoke detectors, and learning thermostats have been introduced to the market, but they all operate on different platforms. Why not build a single package and let customer control everything from one platform? We at Funluxunderstand this and have positioned our organization to be your choice and partner as smart living provider.

Funlux is committed to be a global leader in the smart living appliances market. Providing a completepackage, smart living systems and control platform in one.We want to simplify your life, giving you time to do what you want without worrying about your home or business. Funlux, a smart living specialist for your peace of mind.