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10 Reasons To Switch From An Analog Camera System To A Megapixel Camera system

In recent days, a debate is raging as to which security cameras are better – the analog ones or the higher resolution Megapixel IP Cameras. While both are decent, the scale is sure to tilt a little in favor of the latter. The reason is that Megapixel IP Cameras digitize video signals by using specialized encoders which contain onboard web servers through which video images may be viewed in an existing network and also through web browsers accessed through the internet. Analog cameras turn videos into a format which can be viewed only on a television, monitor or VCR.

Let us now look at 10 reasons for favoring megapixel cameras over analog cameras.

Megapixel Cameras Offer A Much Higher Resolution

Compared to analog cameras, megapixel cameras have a camera quality of at least 5 megapixels and with resolution of HDTV (720p/1080p). This gives viewers a detailed image over a larger area.

Ease Of Installation

Megapixel IP cameras connect easily to an existing data network. Only one cable for one camera is needed for data, video and power. By using power over Ethernet or PoE, there is no need for a power outlet close to the camera. In case the network switches have been connected to redundant power, the camera stay connected as well even during power failures.

A Truly Digital Experience

The best thing about megapixel IP cameras is that the image or video quality does not get degraded over time or when it is converted into a different format altogether. Analog cameras cannot offer this kind of image quality.

Megapixel Cameras Come With An Intelligent Camera

The function of megapixel IP cameras is not just to capture good images. Rather, they have many other functions as well. One function is motion detection where a loud or discreet alarm may go off in case any unusual motion is detected. Some cameras have a built in tampering alarm that goes off in case someone tampers with the alarm.

Megapixel Cameras Comes Fully Integrated

A very good thing about a megapixel camera is that it has an integrated I/O, PTZ control, audio, video and power in one cable. This saves cost and betters functionality. For analog cameras, separate cables are needed for separate functions, making their installation costlier and cumbersome.

MP Cameras Have A Built In Security System

Megapixel cameras can offer video feed encryption and multilevel user access control. This gives you the liberty to control who looks at your system and what they see on it. No third party manipulation can be done as well. Analog cameras have no such security features.

Motion Capture and Clearer Images

The megapixel IP cameras have no problems regarding interlacing. With the help of progressive scanning, entire images are captured every time and the image quality is superior as well unlike analog cameras.

Easy To Add New Cameras

In case a need arise to add extra cameras to an existing megapixel IP camera, then that can be done easily. Cabling is easier to do and open standards will ensure that one is not caught in proprietary technology. In case of analog camera, cabling is tougher and if one wants to match the new equipments to the existing system, choices will be very limited.

Total Cost Is Lower

While one may think that the cost of analog cameras are less, the accessories, cables and DVR equipments that have to be bought separately drives up the cost a lot. In comparison, the megapixel IP cameras come for a lot less.

New Technologies Can Be Embraced

If one buys that latest megapixel IP cameras, they can grow with new opportunities and future challenges. Plug in architecture and open standards will help the cameras to adapt to new technologies. While we are on the topic of megapixel IP cameras, let us have a quick look at two such cameras that have all the necessary features.

Funlux 4 Channel All-in-One sPoE NVR Security System with 500GB Hard Drive

The best thing about this camera is that it has all the features one wants in a security camera. Other than the high quality image, there is hard drive capacity of 4 TB and it is weatherproof with rating of IP65


  • Has IP video in crystal clear 720P with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • Has intelligent motion detection capacity for unusual motion and alarm trigger as well
  • Has 4 PoE ports
  • Diagonal angle of view is 81 degree
  • Has infrared night vision up to 65 ft
Megapixel Camera system

Funlux 8 CH sPoE NVR Security System with 1TB Hard Drive

The camera is undoubtedly one of the best in the market and along with all the necessary features, it has a hard drive capacity of 1TB and the operating temperature is between 32°F~104°F / 0°C~40°C, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Has high-definition IP video in crystal clear 720P with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • Comes with intelligent motion detection and an alarm system
  • Has 8 PoE ports
  • Has a diagonal angle of view of 81 degree
  • Has infrared night vision up to 65 ft
Megapixel security  Camera system

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