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5 Ways To Protect Your New Office

You have just opened a new office and that office is the pride of your life. You have installed the latest gadgets, given your office premises a very professional look and have employed a bunch of bright and smart employees to help you take your business forward towards success. While you may have taken care of the beautification and talent pool of your office, have you taken any steps to safeguard all the machinery, property, data and files that are being used daily? Have you taken any step to scare away any vandals or miscreants from damaging your office and the things in it? If the answers to the above questions are NO, then read the rest of this article to safeguard your office today!

1. Get The Employees Involved

Employees are a valuable asset when it comes to protecting any network. They need to be educated that an innocent act of plugging any unsecured access point into an Ethernet jack may endanger the security of your corporate network. Get the employees involved so that they can lend a helping hand in protecting their office network. Train them about passwords, security and privacy and getting Informational posters may help one in keeping critical business data secure.

2. Protecting Trade Secrets

Confidential information which provides businesses with a competitive edge is known as a trade secret. This information is not limited to any one thing but rather can include many things, like a recipe or a formula that is required in order to make any product, lists of customers, important company procedures as well as employee manuals. To make sure that the company’s trade secrets stay a secret, the information should be kept closed to easy access. For example, if you have a food business and sell a particular item that is made in a unique way, there is no reason for the salesperson at the retail counter to know how to make it. Moreover, make sure that you sign an agreement with them and make them understand that it is legally binding.

3. Update All Internet Connected Devices Regularly

It is very important that all computers, Smart Watch, Notebook, tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android and every other electronic devices that are connected to the internet has all the latest updates installed. These updates often include software protection updates, bug fixes and other additional, security measures which will help to protect any information. Learn about any technology before using it so that your private files and precious data is not hacked into and stolen by cyber criminals.

4. Get Professional Assessments Regularly

Big or small, every business must have an assessment done by a professional security agency at the least once every year, if not on a quarterly basis. It can never hurt any business to get an outside opinion that is unbiased and get a different set of eyes to look into the security arrangements and security readiness of the organization and its various applications. This is not only an inexpensive method to get a valuable piece of information, but also a great way to help you understand your shortcomings and work on them. However, remember to only engage an agency that has a solid and unblemished reputation in the market.

5. Make Sure You Install A Security System

Last but not the least, we come to the extremely important point of installing security and surveillance cameras in your office. An office is a place that is full of intellectual, movable and immovable property. They are precious to the office and an asset. To keep them safe and to see that no damaged is done to them by any unscrupulous people, you must install security cameras in and outside the office premises. Let it be known that cameras are installed everywhere as that will act as a deterrent to any miscreants that want to break into your office or damage any property.

In this context, let us discuss a great security camera that will serve your purposes efficiently:

The Funlux 16 Channel NVR 8 Wireless 8 Wired PoE HD IP Security Cameras System 2TB

As the name suggests, this security system from Funlux comes with 16 channels and 16 cameras. It is the perfect balance of a combination system as of the 16 cameras, 8 are wired and the other 8 are wireless cameras. It also comes equipped with a Network Video Recorder or NVR. The wide angle view of each camera is a very respectable 73 degrees which can be quite useful in an office scenario where tabs have to be kept on everybody and everything. The wired and wireless cameras can be installed according to your specific needs depending on ease of access to wiring and power.


  • Comes equipped with motion detection to detect unusual activity
  • Has infrared night vision of up to 80ft
  • Comes With a 2 TB hard drive preinstalled in NVR
  • Can work without problems in temperatures of 0 to 40 degrees making it ideal for office as well as outdoor use
  • The recording resolution is 720P HD for better clarity and ease of recognition
16 channel surveillance system

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