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How To Choose An Outdoor Security Camera System

What do you do when you know that people sneak around your house when you are away? A great option for you is to go and buy an outdoor security camera which can act as a deterrent to burglars and stalkers. Even if a burglary takes place, you will have solid proof and be able to capture the face of the miscreant on camera. The best thing is that you can sit in your bedroom and keep an eye on your entire property without running the risk of opening your doors! All this can be really helpful and is necessary in high security zones and wealthy establishments like jewelry shops that are often targeted by burglars.

Before you buy an outdoor security camera, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself.

  • * Which kind of outdoor security camera do you want –a wireless one or the wired kind?
  • * What is the budget you can spare to buy the outdoor security cameras?
  • * Do you have an uninterrupted power supply to make sure the camera works all the time?
  • * What is the size of your house or workplace?
  • * Is the camera weather resistant?
  • * Do you want the camera to tilt, pan and zoom and capture images based on motion or just capture images when an intrusion takes place?
  • * Is the outdoor security camera you are buying certified, and does it come with a specific warranty that covers everything?

While there are many outdoor security cameras in the market, we will discuss 4 varieties that will serve your purposes very well in this article.

Funlux 8 Channel 8 720P Camera sPoE NVR Outdoor Security Camera System with 1TB HDD

First and foremost, the Funlux 8 Channel All-in-One sPoE NVR Security System with 1TB Hard Drive takes just a few minutes to set up. For IP cameras, you typically do not need any extra power cable. After setting up the system, the NVR and the user account will be uniquely identified with each other so that no one else can view the camera’s recordings. The memory capacity of this model is 1TB and it is pre-installed. The number of hours you can record will depend solely on the resolution you choose to use, and you can also set it up to overwrite the footage it has taken after a specified number of days. Some other features of this camera are,

  • * Recording resolution is 720P
  • * Multi screen display options include 1024×[email protected], 1280×[email protected]
  • * Camera has a 720P color sensor
  • * Image resolutions supported are 720P (1280*720) , VGA (640*480) , QVGA (320*240)
  • * Optimum temperature for use is −10 °C to 50 °C

outdoor security camera system

Funlux 8CH 960H DVR 4 700TVL Outdoor Cameras Security System with 1TB HDD

The Funlux 8CH 960H Home Security System, P2P, QR-Code Connection, 1TB HDD, 4 700TVL Cameras have totally new features that include a connectivity to QR-Code scan feature so one can quickly connect it to a Smartphone, PC or tablet. These high resolution cameras offer a 700TVL system so you can get the clearest images possible for clear viewing on TV screens or widescreen monitors along with good image integrity. Other features of the camera are

  • * Video resolution options include 960H, D1, HD1, CIF
  • * Recording mode contains both Normal Recording and Intelligent Recording
  • * Comes with motion detection
  • * Has night vision from 65ft to 80ft
  • * Optimum operating temperature is 32°F~122°F / 0 °C to 50 °C

outdoor security cameras systems

Funlux 4 Channel NVR with 4 Outdoor WiFi 720P Network IP Outdoor Security Camera System & 1TB HD

The best thing about this outdoor security camera is that it is very easy to handle. No need to be an expert in computers because all the video footage can be seen easily on your Smartphone. It supports sPoE IP cameras and the NVR is easily connectable to any IP cameras running on your Wi-Fi network. Cables are needed only for installation and none thereafter. In case you want to keep the beauty of your house intact and not riddle it with holes, then this outdoor security camera set is great. The features of the cameras are:

  • * Recording resolution is 720P
  • * Hard disk drive capacity can be upgraded till 4TB
  • * Comes with motion detection
  • * Operating temperature is between 32°F~104°F / 0 °C to 40 °C
  • * Image resolution options are 720P (1280*720),VGA(640*480),QVGA(320*240)
  • * Funlux 16 Channel 720P NVR with 4 Outdoor WiFi & 8 sPoE Network IP Cameras & 1TB HDD
  • * This outdoor camera supports sPoE IP cameras and the NVR is easily connected to WiFi network IP cameras if a power source is nearby. If power is unavailable, then this sPoE IP cameras can be powered from the back of the NVR as well.
  • * Video resolution is 960H, D1, HD1, CIF
  • * Hard disk drive capacity is till 4TB
  • * Comes equipped with motion detection
  • * Features a 1/4" color CMOS Image sensor
  • * Image resolution options include 720P (1280*720), VGA (640*480), QVGA (320*240)
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