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5 Reasons Why You Need To Install HD Video Surveillance System

HD security camera systems are in demand nowadays mostly because of the superior image quality that they provide as they can capture video footage up to 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) or more. Of course, it is important to remember that these HD surveillance cameras can only be used along with HD-SDI surveillance DVR sets.  HD quality images make it much more easier to recognize and help catch a criminal in case of a crime, and even when one is just monitoring their surroundings, it becomes easier to do so because the images are clearer and the clarity is much better than an ordinary camera.

If you are still unable to decide on what to do and whether to go in for HD security cameras, here are 5 very pertinent reasons to help you make a quick decision in favor of HD image quality camera systems.

Analog Camera Systems Are On Their Way Out

DVRs and analog camera systems are Low-definition and about to reach the end of their life cycle. The biggest reason for this is that HD -definition IP cameras and NVRs today are priced extremely competitively, prompting most new buyers to switch to them. The system that they use consists of advanced hard drives that are designed for professional use along with RAID (or redundant array of independent disks) backup. With the help of RAID, data gets spread across multiple HDDs. In case one drive fails, the files will be backed up on another hard drive. Additionally, the maintenance expenditure that is required in order to support legacy video hardware creates the urgency for upgrading equipment regularly.

Easy Installation

The common misconception is that NAS or network attached storage based installations can be more complex than DVR-based ones. This was true earlier, but manufacturers have now added features like universal plug-and-play camera recognition to make NVR installations a simple and straightforward affair. Moreover, manufacturers are designing new IP cameras for ease of installation that are instantly recognized and ready to use in minutes!

Using Existing Infrastructure During The Switch

Many companies have an analog system already in place, and they may want to maximize their existing investment. To help them do this, manufacturers have created new solutions like encoders that support hybrid environments. As analog or DVR components are starting to fail or are reaching the end of their life cycles, users should switch out those components and upgrade to IP cameras and NVR installations. This type of hybrid environment can maximize a company’s initial investment, and also provides them with the flexibility of funding the upgrade to HD based video surveillance over a period of time.

HD Installations Are More Cost-Effective

One very wrong and gross misconception that people have is IP camera set ups and NVR deployments are priced prohibitively expensively. It is true that the DVR may be a cheaper option at the initial stage over an NVR. However, one needs to remember that the NVR is not a “one-trick pony” — rather, it offers multiple functionality including managing the video surveillance system, an essential requirement for any company. It can also operate as a foundation for overall storage as well as data management needs of a workgroup, stand-alone business or remote location. The prices of IP cameras are dropping continuously, and this raises the prospect of HD cameras clocking significantly better sales with each passing day, making it the smarter choice that will pay for itself over time.

Enhancement In Image Quality

Every day, security camera companies are bringing out high-definition IP security cameras that are priced quite affordably. These cameras offer better resolution, highly detailed images and an expanded surveillance environment. After all, who does not like to look better at everything in HD?! And this also includes video surveillance security files.

While we are on the topic of HD security cameras, let us take a quick look at a security camera that will surely meet all the criteria you may have and more!

Funlux 8 CH sPoE NVR HD Security System with 1TB Hard Drive and 8 720P IP Cameras

This HD security camera system comes with a HDMI port and also supports up to 8 sPoE cameras. The cameras have a simple remote access set up that can be accessed through a smart phone or through a tablet. There is a high-quality megapixel sensor on the network IP camera that captures images in 720P HD quality along with a resolution of 1280 x 720. The camera has a wide angle of 80 degrees, which means more monitoring coverage (and lesser cameras!).

Another technology update incorporated is that one does not have to choose between normal recording and motion detection. Rather, recording will start automatically whenever motion is detected, saving storage space as well. In case of movement, an email alert is sent to the designated user. There is very essential infrared night vision present as well with footage capture up to 65ft. The capacity of the hard drive is 1TB, and in case one is planning to install it outdoors, all cables and conduits should be sealed properly.

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