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  • 8x 700TVL Day Night Cameras
  • H.264 Video Compression
  • 960H Recording Selectable
  • HDMI & VGA Video Output

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DS-H81A-S-1TB 8CH H.264 960H Security DVR with 1TB HDD;

KS-Y4Z 700TVL Night Vision Outdoor Weatherproof Security Camera Kit;

  • Funlux 700TVL 8 Channel 8 Dome Cameras DVR System with 1TB HDD
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    500GB Hard Drive
    1TB Hard Drive

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Funlux 700TVL Security Camera System

See More, Record More But Setup in Minutes

We know you care about the budget, and also care about the practical features on the DVR system. So why not keep the budget and the advanced features both on a same DVR surveillance system?

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960H Wide-Screen DVR Quality
High Definition Viewing Option
  • Recommended home & small business
  • Company
  • Store
  • Warehouse
  • Residence
  • Garage

960H With DVR Provides A High Quality Video

The new 960H is the latest video security standard with a 34% better quality resolution than the old D1 standard. The video feed is recorded in 700 TV Lines and widescreen resolution, providing a wider image and no distortion when viewing on your monitor or TV. The 8 cameras also include digital zoom which allows you to look closer at activity occurring in your feed. The 960H standard will provide you a vibrant, clear picture.


New and Easy Recording Experience With Intelligent Recording

The new intelligent recording features will help you manage disc space which saves you time on your storage management and prevents missing video of important events. The Funlux system can be set to auto record video when motion is sensed, along with sending you an alert to your mobile device. The alert will also include a snapshot of the image which is a great feature to instantly capture and be made aware of a security incident.

Share Everywhere With A P2P Security System

With a peer-to-peer (P2P) option, you can easily share your video feed with anyone through the internet. The video feed can be accessed remotely through multiple options including a mobile device application and an internet web dashboard.  Easily setup your mobile device by scanning a simple QR code, or access the video through a web browser on your computer. Rest easy in knowing that you can view your video everywhere, anytime of the day.


HDMI Port Supports Multiple Display Options

You can setup multiple displays through the provided HDMI and VGA port on the DVR box. These multiple display ports allow you to hook up a monitor or a television screen. Utilize the HDMI feed to view the crystal clear feed provided by the 960H high quality technology. As well, the 960H video will display properly widescreen properly and without distortion.

A Two-Year Security Guarantee

This Funlux video surveillance system is guaranteed for two years. If in the next two years you run into a problem with your security system, it will be properly supported and warrantied. This syetm is an investment for the protection of people and places so we want to give you two years of support to ensure you have invested wisely.


See Even Farther At Night With 24 LED IRs

The 8 high definition cameras have 24 LEDs for the infrared (IR) nighttime video capture. The IR features allows for true nighttime video so you can see detailed images taken in dark conditions. The 24 LEDs allow the cameras to see up to 80 feet in front of them, which is much farther than older IR cameras. Easily capture activity at night with the 24 LED equipped cameras.

IP66 Rated Metal Housing Provides Weatherproof Durability

The 8 cameras are enclosed in an IP66 rated metal housing. The IP66 rating means the camera housing is dustproof and waterproof. The metal casing also provides additional durability against harsh conditions.  These features allow for the cameras to be used outdoors without getting damaged by harsh weather conditions. This durability allows for installation of these cameras in key outdoor areas such as doors, driveways, and parking lots.