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  • H.264 Video Compression
  • 4 CH 720P Network Video Recorder
  • Night Vision up to 20m
  • 2 Bullet 720P IP Cameras

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CS-S1U-WS 720P Outdoor Bullet IP Network Camera;

  • Funlux 4 Channel 720P NVR with 2 Outdoor WiFi Network IP Cameras System & 1TB HDD
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  • $259.99

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720P 4 Channel Surveillance System with 2 WIFI Cameras

See More, Record More But Setup in Minutes

We know you care about the budget and also care about the practical features on the NVR system. So why not keep the budget and the advanced features both on a same NVR surveillance system?

QR-Code Remote Access
720P Wide-Screen DVR Quality
High Definition Viewing Option
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  • Store
  • Warehouse
  • Residence
  • Garage

The Best Way for Outdoor Monitoring for Home

Security frameworks utilized at homes are of two sorts: ones utilized inside and outdoors. On the off chance that you consider the indoor home security frameworks, you would see that these items are for the most part introduced at the entryways and windows. The framework is tuned to recognize development inside the house and opening and shutting of entryways and windows. These frameworks utilization movement sensors and oblige you to utilize an exceptional code so as to initiate the caution when required.

960 h security camera system
security camera system with smart recording

Small NVR with 1T HDD - Work up to 50 Days Each Time

IP cams and NVRs are turning out to be very mainstream at a fast rate, and due to the way that they are specifically arranged bits of hardware it is a smart thought to know how remote access functions and how to keep it secure from gatecrashers. So read on as we go over establishment thoughts and security tips to help secure and shield your IP reconnaissance framework.

720P Image Resolution Let You See Every Moment Clearly

720p in HDTV sets alludes to the 1280×720 determination. Here, 720 shows even lines of the presentation and it is the most astounding determination accessible inside ATSC and DVB norms and 'p', demonstrates dynamic sweep, in HDTV feature modes. Dynamic output infers dynamic presentation, wherein the whole picture is show constantly instead of the typical fractional picture show than is seen in customary TV pictures.

p2p security camera system
night vision camera security kit

Quite Easy Installation Model with WIFI Cameras

Introducing Wireless Security Cameras:- Wireless cam frameworks are regularly uncomplicated, so you can introduce the gear all alone. While the cam establishment procedure may change marginally as per the model, the essential establishment methodology for wireless cameras is the same. Choose which some piece of the house to introduce your wireless camcorder in. Most wireless security cameras can be introduced inside or outside.

Video Viewing Workable Anytime Anywhere

Making a timetable compels you to get every one of those variables changed - number of items, anticipated deals, expense of promos, promoting techniques. Do that, and you will be adding to your own particular workable plan of action and a workable arrangement, as you come.

Two Years Warranty

Intelligent Recording Model Saves Time And Storage

Home music recording can draw out the artist in every individual. This flexible imaginative project can make your imagination stream. In the event that you've generally imagined that just superstar music creators can make their own particular music, stop! Because of current innovation, yearning specialists like you can take a shot at achievement and acclaim. The primary stride of home music recording is selecting a territory for setting up your own particular studio.

Strong Night Visibility up to 20 Meters

Night vision in optics alludes to the ability of an instrument to work under low light conditions and to process pictures even altogether dimness. Before the innovation of this innovation, watching a subject was altogether restricted by the accessibility of encompassing lighting. As being what is indicated, the utilization of binoculars, goggles and telescopes were for the most part performed at day time. This confined numerous exercises that depended vigorously on optical instruments.

Night Visibility up to 20 Meters