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  • H.264 Video Compression
  • 4 Channel 720P Network Video Recorder
  • Night Vision up to 20m
  • 4 Bullet 720P IP Cameras

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CS-S1U-WS 720P Outdoor Bullet IP Network Camera;

  • Funlux 4 Channel 720P NVR with 4 Outdoor WiFi Network IP Cameras System & 1TB HDD
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  • $379.99

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720P HD 4 Channel NVR System with 4 WIFI Cameras

See More, Record More But Setup in Minutes

We know you care about the budget and also care about the practical features on the NVR system. So why not keep the budget and the advanced features both on a same NVR surveillance system?

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720P Wide-Screen DVR Quality
High Definition Viewing Option
  • Recommended home & small business
  • Company
  • Store
  • Warehouse
  • Residence
  • Garage

A Smart And Easy Security Solution for Home And Small Business

This product is ideal for home owners and small business owners. It is easy to set up, even without having any technical background, and once the setup is done, the NVR will be exclusively associated with only your user log-in id. You can access the camera footage from anywhere, even when you are away from work or home.

720p wifi security camera system
security camera system with smart recording

HDMI Cable Connect NVR And Monitor

This product has an advanced feature of wireless connectivity. Once the initial set up is done, there is no need for cables to connect the elements. Through Wi-Fi, there is seamless transmission of data between the cameras and the NVR through the router. You can also connect to a TV or computer monitor through a HDMi or VGA cable.

Notics: HDMI Cable or VGA Cable is not included.

Intelligent Recording And Normal Recording Both Available

You have the option to choose between normal recording, where every event/ non event is recorded throughout, or Intelligent Recording, which kicks in whenever motion is detected by the camera. This feature helps save disc space by recording only when there is intelligent motion (human or vehicle movement), and avoiding unnecessary footage of rustling leaves or small animal movement.

Intelligent Recording
Flexible Installation

WIFI Cameras Supports Flexible Installation, No Longer Need Cable

The wireless cameras are an improvement over the older cable technology. Apart from the initial setup, wherein the Cat5 cable is used to connect the IP camera with the router, no cable is used. Even the Cat 5 cable is removed once the camera is initiated. All video data transfers occur through your personal Wi-Fi network. There is no longer any need for unsightly cables running through your business place or home.

Strong Night Vision Function Can Reach Up to 20 Meters

The superior feature of night vision with perfect picture quality is brought about with the help of advanced IR cut filter, which renders excellent pictures with accurate colour reproduction, and clear and sharp video images. The 24 LEDs that are placed around the camera create an ambient light which allows the camera to detect motion even up to 20 metres.

Night Vision Function Can Reach Up to 20 Meters
Weatherproof Cameras

Weatherproof Cameras - No Worries at All in Rainy Days

The metal used for sheathing the cameras is high quality aluminium, and have an IR 65 rating. This means that the casing is durable and can sustain in unfavourable dust and rain weather conditions). However, if the wireless cameras are being installed outdoors, they need to be protected by a ledge or small cover. Any cables, if used, need to be encased for further protection.

Remote Video Viewing And Security Control

The Zsight feature is even more advanced, with the NVR solely associated with your user account. No one can access your camera network without your account details. The Zsight app can be downloaded from either Google Playstore or Apple App Store, and the set up is fast and simple. Only you have access to the video content, and can record and play back what your wireless camera captures easily on your smart phone.

Remote Video Viewing