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  • 16 CH 720P Network Video Recorder
  • QR Code Smartphone Setup
  • Easy Remote Access
  • Smart Recording To Save Space

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CS-S1T-S 720P sPOE camera;

50ft Network Cable for sPoE Cameras;

80ft Network Cable for sPoE Cameras;

  • Funlux 16 Channel sPoE NVR 16 720P Indoor Outdoor IP Cameras System & 2TB
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Professional 16 Channel 16 Cameras 720P Surveillance System with 2TB HDD

See More, Record More But Setup in Minutes

We know you care about the budget and also care about the practical features on the NVR system. So why not keep the budget and the advanced features both on a same NVR surveillance system?

QR-Code Remote Access
720P Wide-Screen DVR Quality
High Definition Viewing Option
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  • Garage

A Professional Centralized Monitoring Solution

If you are looking for a professional video surveillance system, the Funlux 16 camera kit is your solution. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) unit provides a centralized command center for the 16 HD cameras. With the NVR you can; view live video feeds, manage recordings, back up video, set alarms, and much more. The NVR interface also has the capability to provide access for up to 16 users, making the Funlux kit a professional solution.

16 channel 16 camera security system
simple setup security camera system

Simple Set Up in Several Steps

The Funlux 16 camera kit is simple to setup and quick to access. The cameras use sPoE which delivers power while collecting the video feed all through an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cables are then simply plugged into the NVR unit. The cameras also include a 3-axis mounting bracket which allow for horizontal or vertical mounting. After installation, the feeds can be accessed easily through the NVR video monitor or remotely through the Zsight Android and Apple IOS mobile app.

HDMI Support And A 720P Clear HD Video

The NVR system provides HDMI access for high definition viewing and the wide angle, 81 degree lens, provides a larger coverage area. The cameras provide 720p HD video and the NVR system records the 1280x720 pixel feed, which is two times the video quality achieved with standard video surveillance systems. Your recordings will be crystal clear with no grainy images.

720P security camera system
security camera system with Motion Detection

Real-time Surveillance with Motion Detection Technology

Protect your home or business with a professional, real-time and auto alerting surveillance system. The Funlux 16 camera kit provides real-time video recording and motion detection recording features. When motion is detected, the system can be set to start recording at HD and automatically alert your mobile device through the Zsight app, where you can view the video feed live as the motion is occurring.

Smart Recording To Save Hard Drive Space

Save hard drive space on your NVR by setting the cameras to intelligently record. With intelligent recording, your video is still being recorded but at different frame rates. When motion is detected, the frame rate is increased to provide the best quality image and when motion is not detected the frame rate is decreased for a smaller video size. Intelligent recording can save up to 80% of your hard drive space than high rate, HD recording.

16 channel security system
Waterproof Camera system

Waterproof Cameras Provide Outdoor Monitoring

With waterproof cameras, the Funlux 16 camera kit can be used for outdoor monitoring. The waterproof Funlux cameras further expand the kit’s ability in providing professional video surveillance services. The cameras are designed to be waterproof to protect from the elements; however you should take care to cover the cable ends and aim to install cameras in sheltered locations to avoid damage in violent weather.

True Night Vision Capability To Provide Nighttime Surveillance

The Funlux 16 camera kit utilizes an advanced Infrared (IR) filter to produce the most vibrant and accurate colours and images; providing true night vision capability. The IR filter night time recording technology captures crisp and bright video for up to 20 meters (65 feet). Easily view any events that occurred at night through this high quality IR night vision recording.

True Night Vision Capability