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  • H.264 Video Compression
  • 16ch 720P Network Video Recorder
  • Night Vision up to 20m

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CS-S1T-S 720P Bullet sPoE IP Network Camera;

50ft Network Cable for sPoE Cameras;

80ft Network Cable for sPoE Cameras;

  • Funlux 16CH sPoE NVR with 12 720P Indoor Outdoor Security Cameras System & 2TB
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Professional 16 Channel 12 Cameras 720P Security System with 2TB HDD

See More, Record More But Setup in Minutes

We know you care about the budget and also care about the practical features on the NVR system. So why not keep the budget and the advanced features both on a same NVR surveillance system?

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720P Wide-Screen DVR Quality
High Definition Viewing Option
  • Recommended home & small business
  • Company
  • Store
  • Warehouse
  • Residence
  • Garage

16 Channel 12 Network Cameras with 2TB HDD

When developing a business one will struggle; but ensuring the safety and running of your business is easy with Funlux 16 Channel 12 Cameras Standard sPoE NVR System. It has 16 Channel that you can view and record simultaneously during the day, night, indoors or outdoors. It is featured with 12 Network Cameras with 2TB HDD so that you can never run out of space.

16 channel 12 camera surveillance system
12 camera security camera system

Automaticly Recording Switch between Static And Dynamic Pictures

Everyone knows what can happen in a minute and Funlux 16 Channel 12 Cameras Standard sPoE NVR System provides a solution to all your worries. With a 12 camera surveillance system and 16 channel security system, one can automatically record both Static and Dynamic Pictures. Not even a single detail will fly out of your sight without noticing it.

720P High Definition Makes It Nothing Can Miss

The Funlux 16 Channel 12 Cameras Standard sPoE NVR offers you a chance to view the whole business clearly with improved light control; with super resolution having 16 channel HD security systems with 12 camera surveillance system. The 720P High Definition surveillance cameras bring the whole business to your eyes, night and day without worrying what’s happening at your business

16 channel surveillance camera system
12 camera 720p security camera system

Remote Inspection Available at Any Time

Are you trying to have some time off, but you are afraid that you will lose control of your business. Funlux 16 Channel 12 Cameras Standard sPoE NVR provides wireless connection to from your NVR 16 channel. It is simple to connect with your smartphone, regardless with their version such as iPhone, iPod and Android devices, providing a clear live feed of what’s happening at your business.

External Alarm Triggered Recording And Timely Notice

Having to wake up and finding that your alarm system did not work is the scaring occurrence ever. But, with a 12 camera surveillance system and NVR 16 channel security system you are assured of full protection. You will receive emails and alerts when the cameras go off at any time. Funlux 16 Channel 12 Cameras Standard sPoE NVR keeps time notice when the external alarm is triggered.

12 camera surveillance system
16 channel hd security system

Weatherproof Protection from High Quality Surveillance Cameras

The 12 camera surveillance system is fully Weatherproof, providing a secure environment regardless of the weather. With the High Quality Surveillance Cameras you are assured of a maximum security twenty-four hours a day, rainy or stormy and also seven days a week. This means they are durable and of quality standards and they will provide maximum security without cost related to replacing or repairing worn out cameras.

Simplifying Wiring And Easy Outdoor Installation

Wiring is a difficult process for those who don’t have the skill, but with Funlux 16 Channel 12 Cameras Standard sPoE NVR your outdoor wiring is simplified. With 12 camera surveillance system and 16 channel all your outdoor problems are solved having a monitored look at the parking lot and other vulnerable areas. Our 16 channel HD security system ensures as a secure environment for doing business.

16 channel security system